Multi-storey car parks: comfortable, sustainable, smart

GSE, a specialist of commercial building design & construction, has made a compelling addition to its product portfolio. Our bright and user-friendly multi-storey car parks are designed by GOLDBECK and marketed in Italy by GSE Italia. They combine functionality, safety and architectural quality. With more than 1,000 GOLDBECK car parks delivered in over 30 years, GSE draws on strong expertise to offer this standardised and evolving product.


The car parks offered by GSE optimise your parking solution through integrated design & build, prefabricated construction elements, an architecture adapted to your wishes and a personalised service offering – all for maximum user friendliness and comfort. Adapted to our clients’ needs, our parking solution combines technical innovations, comfort and modularity – all for maximum profitability.

Mass producing a unique product

From design to delivery, GSE supports you at every stage of your project. We manufacture the construction elements in our own factories and transport them to your site, where our teams assemble them in the shortest possible time.


Our prefabricated concrete slabs, which are particularly resistant, guarantee quality and safety. They allow us to dispense with any additional coatings (resins or waterproofing), thereby reducing your car park’s maintenance costs.


Although our construction process is systematised and perfectly coordinated, many aspects remain modular and customisable. From the stairwell to the technical equipment, from the façade to the width of the parking spaces, we work with you to develop a specific solution for your project.


We pay particular attention to architecture, offering a wide choice of claddings and fixtures. Colours, shapes and materials give a unique look to your multi-storey car park project – as can a green façade.


The car park of the future: innovative and connected

Whether their design is flat deck or split level, our multi-storey car parks offer maximum parking capacity, with a strong focus on user wellbeing. Thanks to the parking guidance system, combined with an intuitive orientation scheme, users easily and quickly find an available parking space, cutting down on travel time and unnecessary kilometres.


The user experience is a key priority. Our load-bearing structure ensures that the building is well ventilated, while the parking areas are post-free. The lighting is LED-based, which delivers optimal brightness and low energy consumption.


Optimising parking is also about seeing multi-storey car parks as the petrol stations of the future: thanks to solar panels and charging stations, parking time can be ideally used as charging time, providing an extra incentive for environmentally friendly commuting.