Building greener

With stakeholders’ expectations growing stronger every year, regulations getting stricter and the environment under increasing pressure, GSE helps its clients find appropriate solutions to meet their sustainable development goals. We aim to raise the bar for the industry, applying our expertise to “green” our clients’ buildings.


We believe that focusing on certificates and labels is no longer enough. We therefore set up an R&D programme dedicated to eco-responsible buildings, aimed at implementing sustainable and concrete solutions – with clear results in operation.


We respond to the critical challenges of the future by identifying innovative and competitive technical solutions that deliver high environmental performance – while adapting to each project’s objectives and constraints.

A comprehensive, customisable offering

GSE’s solutions focus on creating projects that are adapted to each client and each context. They address five complementary themes to make commercial real estate truly eco-friendly:


  • Energy performance
  • Carbon emissions
  • Biodiversity
  • Interior comfort
  • Impact of works


These themes reflect the key characteristics of a truly sustainable building: smart design, minimised environmental footprint, good integration into the local economic fabric, frugality in operation and contribution to occupants’ wellbeing.


In this perspective, we always offer to calculate a project’s future impacts, so we can propose effective solutions that improve and track environmental performance.

Certificates & labels to demonstrate your commitment

If you wish to obtain global recognition of your building’s environmental performance, GSE can assist you with your certification and labelling procedures.


GSE has acquired advanced project management skills and technical knowledge in this field: our dedicated Certification Department has more than 10 years’ experience and more than 95 projects certified or pending certification. We can achieve all the levels of the main environmental certificates – BREEAM, HQE®, LEED – as well as energy labels such as BEPOS (positive energy building), BiodiverCity® and Osmoz (user comfort).


GSE’s professional approach delivers more efficient buildings at cost points and within deadlines that meet the clients’ requirements.