A facility adapted to your processes

GSE designs and builds all types of industrial buildings: factories, labs, R&D centres, production units, etc. Each project is designed to accommodate your process and optimise your flows. We have highly satisfied clients in the aeronautics, pharmaceutical, food processing, electronics and mechanical engineering industries, among others. In all cases, GSE adapts to the client’s requirements and builds their factory to measure.

To enable you to keep pace with technical and process developments, our industrial building design focuses on flexibility, scalability and ergonomics. The factory of the future adapts and transforms itself to the rhythm of your activity, while promoting user comfort.

A smart, connected building

GSE will design your building using BIM and produce a digital model of your project, integrating all its features and equipment. This digital data is very useful for the design process. It will also play an essential role when building your facilities – and when you’ll operate them.


With the EnerGiSE solution, GSE helps you analyse your data and monitor your energy consumption in real time. Heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting… all data is collected and analysed to optimise the operation of your equipment and the management of your resources.

Sustainable facilities

Your building will be designed to fit in harmoniously with its environment. A team of experts will support you in your sustainability priorities and – if required – in the environmental certification process. The choice of materials and equipment, the running of a green construction site, the emphasis on renewable energy: GSE will always suggest eco-responsible solutions for your project.


Placing the factory at the heart of its ecosystem also means reducing external nuisances, improving the working environment (acoustics, natural light, temperature, air quality), and designing workspaces that encourage innovation. Because wellbeing at work is essential to productivity, GSE pays particular attention to interior design and user comfort.

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