GSE, a client-focused company

Client satisfaction is our top priority. Keeping our promises, supporting the client from project definition to completion, ensuring that operations run smoothly before, during and after handover: GSE does everything possible to meet the client’s needs and expectations.


For GSE, client satisfaction means staying committed, creating trust, anticipating, listening, being transparent but also being agile and seeking performance at all times. A client satisfaction handbook is handed out for each project to stimulate conversations and provide the best possible response to all requests.

Our Quality & Safety policy

People’s safety and buildings’ reliability are our number 1 priority. And we stay focused and vigilant to the smallest detail. Safety is an ongoing concern that dictates our choices throughout the design and construction of every building. We regularly update GSE’s Safety Handbook to guarantee the highest level of protection for all project participants.


GSE’s own Quality Assurance Plan includes 50 control points, almost 100 on-site verification cards and more than 200 standard technical details. We constantly adapt it to reflect new construction techniques and regulations.


By establishing procedures and methods on all its worksites, GSE maintains rigorous control over projects. This enables us to achieve a very low risk rate and a high level of quality – to our clients’ greatest satisfaction.


GSE provides all the relevant support to its teams during construction. We also measure all operation-related risks. Our QSM department has seven experts who regularly train project managers and engineers, visit worksites and carry out around 200 audits a year, in all countries where GSE operates.


our organisation our safety policy statement

Our Purchasing Charter

Through the Purchasing Department, GSE is committed to building mutually profitable, long-term relations with the contractors working on our sites. We maintain open conversations, improve processes and operating methods, and take into account potential issues to ensure that the sites run smoothly.


The quality of the initial survey (reflected in the tender documents) and the very thorough preparation of projects play a key role in ensuring optimal working conditions on our construction sites. They also enable us to guarantee that we build according to the costing specifications.


With regard to suppliers, GSE is committed to an exemplary payment policy. Our technical requirements are detailed and we are transparent in awarding contracts, which enables us to build trusting relationships.


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