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Zero Carbon Logistics: a state-of-the-art logistics building near Turin


The project carried out for Vailog-Segro in Orbassano (TO) represents a virtuous example of how sustainability and innovation reconcile with the construction sector.


The building, which consists of a 36,305 sqm logistics warehouse, has obtained the BREEAM International New Construction by BRE certification and will pursue, first in Italy, the Zero Carbon certification by International Living Future Institute. To confirm the high performance quality of the building, cutting-edge solutions have been adopted, such as the use of low carbon foundations and industrial flooring, with the use of class III/B and III/A cement and addition of recycled aggregates – which allowed savings of 30% and 25% compared to traditional mixtures and a reduction in emissions compared to benchmark values – the use of water recovery systems rainwater, the installation of a 1 MWp photovoltaic system and the creation of a drainage trench with a capacity of 10,000 m³ of rainwater, to obtain hydraulic stability. A hydronic HVAC system based on multipurpose heat pumps and air handling units was also installed and 4-pipe fan-coils were set up to increase the energy efficiency of the building and reduce its environmental impact in use.


In addition to the commitment in terms of carbon reduction and compensation, great attention has also been paid to landscape integration: 7 hectares of green spaces have been redeveloped, including private and public areas, with the planting of over 500 new trees chosen from local species.

Project presentation:

Logistics warehouse

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36,305 sqm

Sustainability is a core value for Vailog and GSE has proven to be a partner capable of stimulating dialogue and raising project standards. 


Claudia Calabró, Manager Technical Development – Vailog-Segro