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A logistics hub characterized by technological innovation, landscape integration and sustainability


The new logistics hub and headquarters of Marchiol, a leading company in the Triveneto area for electrical material distribution, has a surface of ​​40,000 sqm in total, of which 35,000 intended for the logistics hub and approximately 4,500 for the offices, and is located in Roncade (TV).


The project was conceived in the name of landscape integration and in compliance with the highest sustainability standards, thanks to the use of recyclable materials and power from renewable energies, such as a photovoltaic system with a power of 2.36 MWp on the roofing, able to satisfy a large part of the building’s energy needs, estimated at 2,550 MWh/year. Furthermore, with a view to energy efficiency, innovative technological solutions have been envisaged which, through the connection and monitoring of the various systems of the building, optimize the consumption of electricity, heating, and cooling energy, reduce water consumption, and check the quality and temperature of the air.


Furthermore, the building sets a strong relationship between the architecture and the functionality of an industrial building, a dialogue that is perfectly expressed with the façades and the roofing: the façades are made of anthracite-colored sandwich panels with a pleated finish and white panels in polycarbonate integrated with an opaline polycarbonate “lantern” enclosed by a metal exoskeleton, which contributes to the natural lighting of the building. The roofing is flat and has a layer of white polyethylene which helps to significantly reduce the “heat island” effect.


Finally, to guarantee the hydraulic invariance of the project, a series of artificial basins have been positioned along the north and east sides of the area which perform the dual function of storing and slowing down the water during exceptional disturbances and acting as a green lung thanks to the planting of vegetation. Furthermore, hundreds of new trees have been planted along the entire perimeter of the building, carefully selected from the native tree species, to guarantee the coherence of the local flora. The project also includes an internal patio/garden which guarantees the supply of natural light.

Project presentation:

Logistics hub and headquarters

User’s business sector:

Electrical material distribution


40,000 sqm

I wanted to thank GSE and all its suppliers for having completed the construction with great professionalism in 13 months.


Alfredo Marchiol, President – Marchiol