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Kramp’s new Italian headquarters: versatility and automation of working spaces


The Italian division of the Dutch group Kramp, historic company leader in the distribution of spare parts & accessories for the agricultural sector, has commissioned GSE Italia the construction of its distribution centre and Italian headquarters in Reggio Emilia, on an area that was chosen by Kramp at the suggestion of GSE. The new building, with a surface of 17,822 sqm, represents the fourth project that Kramp has entrusted to GSE in Europe, the first one in Italy, and is the main hub for the shipment of spare parts & accessories to the Italian customers.


The building consists of 2,805 sqm of office spaces considering the needs of teamwork with a range of spaces designed to encourage dialogue and interaction, a 10,620 sqm warehouse area including a dangerous goods and aerosol storage department, and an automated system with conveyors for orders preparation, goods handling and storage. The warehouse is also complemented by a multi-story shelving area of 4,800 sqm and a 3,500 sqm mezzanine. The entire building is insulated and air-conditioned also in the warehouse area. The investment includes a series of urban planning works for the entire area as well.

Project presentation:

Headquarters and distribution centre

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17,822 sqm

In relation to GSE, they are with us from the beginning, from the purchase of the plot right down to the completion of the construction project, optimally integrating our branding in the model design of the building. They did a great job.


Marc Conings, Operations Director Italy & SpainKramp