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A new logistics platform near Turin for Susa S.p.A.


In 2020, GSE Italia realized this new logistics platform at the Intermodal Goods Centre of Turin S.I.TO., intended for Susa S.p.A., a historic company specializing in the provision of integrated transportation and logistics solutions.


The building, with a surface of approximately 14,000 sqm, hosts handling and storage activities mainly related to the automotive sector. In particular, the warehouse is divided into two compartments: a sorting hub and a storage hub. The structure is complemented by 750 sqm of offices and service spaces. The platform has 61 loading ramps with different heights, 17 parking spaces inside the lot and 7 parking spaces for lorries. Roofing is Bac-Acier-type and facades are made of prefabricated concrete panels in the lower register and sandwich panels in the upper register. In addition, with a view to consumption optimization, the entire building is entirely lit by energy-saving LED technology.

Project presentation:

Sorting hub

User’s business sector:



14,817 sqm

We are extremely satisfied with the relationship with GSE, which allows Dea Capital to consolidate its presence in the logistics sector. 


Raoul Ravara, Director Fund Management – Dea Capital