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A logistics plant in the Milan hinterland for Carapelli Firenze S.p.A.


In 2012 GSE Italia built a logistics platform of 19,760 sqm in Inveruno, in the Milan hinterland, for the intensive storage of Carapelli-branded products on a satellite drive-in system.


It is a double-front warehouse, equipped with 29 loading bays, characterized by some technical peculiarities. First of all, a high degree of insulation, such as not to drop the temperature below 10 °C and ensure the correct conservation of the products stored inside, and an oil collection system capable of evacuating accidentally spilled liquids, particularly dangerous in case of fire.


Another distinctive feature of the building is the presence of a pumping station and water reserve “FM approved” and a foam-water sprinkler system according to NFPA regulations, as well as an automated system for loading and unloading goods that allows the transfer of the products contained in a truck in 40 seconds without the help of staff.


The tight deadlines did not compromise the quality of the work, delivered in just over 5 and a half months and in full compliance with the highest quality and safety standards.

Project presentation:

Logistics-industrial plant

User’s business sector:

Food production


19,760 sqm

The role of GSE in the construction of this building has led to having a single interlocutor for the entire turnkey construction of the building, with a guarantee both in terms of costs and above all of timings, which were extremely tight and very binding, and were fully respected.


Roberto Pettinati, Technical Director – ISTA