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A warehouse example of sustainability and integration with the landscape

The Altedo building, which competes for the BREEAM Excellent environmental certification, has a surface of ​​38,000 sqm and features a prefabricated structure in pre-stressed reinforced concrete with a casing made of thermally broken concrete panels in the ground connection area, and in aluminum insulated for elevation. The internal flooring was cast using fiber-reinforced concrete to serve a building equipped with 38 loading bays. The roof was created with the Bac-Acier system. The horizontal closure of the warehouse is completed by a TPO waterproofing layer and is designed for the installation of a photovoltaic system with an installed power of approximately 2,100 kW.

The project, carried out in brownfield, allowed the recovery of the abandoned area of ​​the former SFIR sugar factory, starting a phenomenon of urban regeneration and redevelopment of the territory. The works involved the planting of approximately 2,400 trees, the creation of approximately 7,500 sqm of surface area used as a rolling basin and a series of urbanization works, including: a new roundabout on the SP20, the creation of two new stops for the public transport service, a circular cycle path of approximately 2 km characterized by three cycle-pedestrian walkways in wood and steel, the reconstruction of two steel road bridges with a span of approximately 20 meters which will allow the crossing of the Calcarata canal, the entire redevelopment of Ca’ Bianca street and a 4,000 sqm public car park.

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Logistics warehouse

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38,000 sqm