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A temperature-controlled warehouse at the heart of Milan


This 13,186 sqm distribution centre was built at the heart of Milan and represents a clear example of last-mile logistics for a leading large-scale distribution company.


The building is complemented by 1,620 sqm of office spaces and a 10,920 sqm warehouse, but its main feature is to be equipped with seven temperature-controlled departments (between 0 and 4° C) and a –18 ° C cold room for the preservation of food products. The entire building is also characterized by a great attention to sustainability, with the presence of a garden roof that increases the thermal inertia and reduces the heat island effect, and a 400 kWp photovoltaic system on the roofing. LEED Silver certification.

Project presentation:

Temperature-controlled warehouse

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13,186 sqm

Il progetto Milano DC1 rappresenta un ulteriore investimento da parte di Prologis nell’urban logistics per rispondere alla crescente richiesta di moderni hub di prossimità, qualificati e multi-temperatura, e soddisfare le esigenze dell’ultimo miglio in maniera sempre più efficiente e sostenibile.


Rossana Pinato, Construction Manager Operations – Prologis